Personal Training

Our fitness specialists are highly skilled in delivering individual client training on-line using our technology tools. Personal training is one of the quickest, most effective and motivational ways to reach your fitness and wellbeing goals; as well, a great way for members to interact with our fitness specialists in a one-on-one setting. Whether you are someone with specific goals, special needs, limitations, a hectic schedule, or just someone who enjoys the one-on-one experience, personal training is an effective way to accomplish all of your fitness goals.

What you get:

  • Personal coaching focused on your unique health and fitness needs
  • Bespoke programme to meet your unique needs
  • Accountability & Support to help you keep on track
  • Health & Wellness resources to help you reach your goal
  • Scheduled sessions at your convenience
  • Access to the SláinteLife App
  • Access to SláinteLife classes (optional extra).

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