It’s a health and wellbeing lifestyle.  It is an unparalleled individual experience

SláinteLife understands that you are truly unique. No two people are the same and therefore their fitness routines must reflect their own particular needs. At SláinteLife, you will find a friendly client centric team of dedicated fitness specialists with a commitment to getting results for every individual we work with. We will customize your fitness programme to specifically meet your physiology, your potential, your lifestyle and your goals. Whether you’re interested in one-to-one personal training, small group classes, training on your own or a little bit of everything, we’ll work with you to create a unique fitness experience which best suits you.

SláinteLife is a more than a new virtual fitness concept.



The fitness industry is vital and important to the health and wellbeing of the community. There are many great professionals who are making a real difference to millions of people lives every day.  However, you may feel: 

  • Invisible and ignored by a large proportion of the fitness industry

  • The need for personal care and attention

  • The gym environment is off putting or intimidating

  • The current pandemic constrains your exercise regime

  • Self conscious and need for privacy.

If you want to be understood and receive the special treatment you deserve, you need personalised programmes created by caring and qualified professionals. If you need a more sustainable and safer regime, to suit your schedule and empathetic coaching support to provide life-changing results – there is a better way – SláinteLife.

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Scheduling training sessions


Personal training sessions and weekly check-ins are scheduled at convenient times that suit you.

 The sessions will be delivered through video conference call. Your personal trainer will supervise the work out, coach you through different exercises and motivate you to reach your maximum fitness potential.

Exercise programmes

Your personal trainer will provide a weekly tailored programme which can undertaken on your own or under the supervision of your personal trainer.

Work outs can be tracked using our SláinteLife app. Your trainer can provide feedback and will update your exercise programme in line with your progress.

Supporting you towards your goals



Every week we will conduct a check-in where you have an opportunity to review and discuss your progress, and plan for the coming week.  


Your check-in includes a review of your exercise regime and other important factors such as diet, sleep, stress and your motivation to achieve your goals.